A new visual identity for Les Dissonances.

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In 2017, Les Dissonances adopted a new visual identity with the aim of better illustrating the twelve years of artistic development of the musical ensemble created in 2004 by the violinist David Grimal.

Imagined and designed by the BEING agency (TBWA group) in the framework of a skills-based sponsorship programme, this new identity is the outcome of the teams’ six-months immersion into the world of the orchestra.

The originator of this unique meeting between the worlds of music and communication was Antoine Lesec, the president of BEING France and a passionate music lover, who decided to put his teams’ expertise in the service of Les Dissonances.

Conceived as an interweaving of undulating threads, the new logo conveys the spirit of Les Dissonances: a unique weaving of talented musicians from diverse horizons, come to experiment with another way of making music together.

We had to give readability to this orchestra’s organic nature, to provide a visual expression of the very personal enthusiasm emanating from their performances.

Antoine Lesec

Les Dissonances thanks BEING/ZAKKA and more specificly Antoine Lesec, Sonia Fernandes-Mestre, Pauline Lechat, Caroline Helaine, Perle Minh for their advices / Nicolas Couagnon, Kou Yang, Julie Alcaras, Paul Tsizaza, Elodie Ferreira, Romain Le Henaff, Ryad Guelmaoui for the creating and design.


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