L'Autre Saison, helping the homeless

In Paris, Les Dissonances organises a cultural season for the homeless. Artists from all horizons (music, theatre, dance etc.) perform once a month at the Eglise Saint-Leu-Saint-Gilles. Music lovers, locals from the Saint-Denis area, and the homeless are all brought together by the joy of art and music in a programme designed to be accessible to all.

An artistic season

In late 2003, following a moving Christmas concert, a wonderful idea took hold of David Grimal’s mind: to share classical music with the most deprived sections of the population. In 2010, as the number of concerts grew, L’Autre Saison was born. Conceived as a series of cartes blanches, L’Autre Saison features artists from many different horizons. Among those who have already appeared there are Natalie Dessay, Philippe Cassard, Charles Berling, Ami Flammer, Bratsch, Trio Wanderer, Georges Pludermacher, and the OFF de l’Orchestre de Paris.

For and with street people

L’Autre Saison supports the vulnerable. Although entry and attendance are free, a collection raises funds to support street people. Under the aegis of Les Dissonances, the charity Les Margéniaux uses the proceeds from the concerts to fund reintegration projects provided by the social services. Thanks to the generosity of artists (who waive all performing fees) and spectators, L’Autre Saison has helped hundreds of people to get off the streets.

Artists, spectators, and street people unite around beauty,
free giving, and openness to others.

La Croix

Save the dates of 2017-2018 season !

  • Friday 6 October - 8 pm
    Benjamin Lazar with the artists of "Traviata/Vous méritez un avenir meilleur"
  • Friday 10 November - 8 pm
    Pedro Soler, flamenco guitare
  • Friday 15 December - 8 pm
    Stéphane Degout, Xavier Phillips and Cédric Tiberghien - Fauré program
  • Friday 12 January - 8 pm
    Magic Malik - Jazz
  • Friday 9 February - 8 pm
    Diotima Quartet
  • Friday 9 March - 8 pm
    Atsushi Sakaï and Marion Martineau (gamba)
  • Friday 13 April - 8 pm
    Music and poetry - Rimbaud / Britten with Yan Levionnois (cello)

Eglise Saint-Leu-Saint-Gilles
92 rue Saint-Denis
75001 Paris


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