Knowledge transmission and professional integration of young musicians

Les Dissonances pays particular attention to generational renewal and the integration of young talents within the collective. In Les Dissonances, nearly 30% of musicians are aged thirty or less! Les Dissonances also develops activities with the students of regional conservatoires in France and abroad. 

An academy for young talents

Every season, in collaboration with the Hochschule für Musik Saar in Saarbrücken, Germany, Les Dissonances invites students to take part in two or three projects for large orchestra. The young musicians benefit from the mentoring of seasoned practitioners, and from a unique, hands-on professional experience. The academy of Les Dissonances functions as a complement to the musicians’ studies, enabling them to discover a collective, empowering practice. 

Masterclasses for conservatoire students

Les Dissonances develops artistic collaborations well beyond single concert experiences. The management of the concert halls in which the orchestra performs are offered the opportunity to present masterclasses for postgraduate students from regional conservatoires. The students receive guidance from musicians of the orchestra who are also experienced teachers.