Les Dissonances and corporate management

Les Dissonances is regularly invited to compare and contrast its philosophy and organisational model with the managerial practices of private companies. 

The collective, driving force of creativity and freedom

Les Dissonances relies on collective intelligence, with a horizontal organisation built on transparency, trust, and mutual listening. Each musician has the full score available to him/her and is aware of his/her role and responsibility in the musical result. This system allows each individual to be an active source of ideas, and to reflect on the profound meaning of his/her practice and art. At Les Dissonances, each musician serves the collective, which in turn serves each individual’s fulfilment. 

Confronting perspectives

This philosophy of organisation within the orchestra paves the way for a broader reflection on the place of humans in society. David Grimal is regularly invited to speak at conferences with musicians from Les Dissonances, to discuss the meaning of the collective and to try to find a common response to the questions it raises. 

At Les Dissonances, the harmony of the whole does not rely on the vision of one mind, it is the magnetic resonance of the collective intelligence.

David Grimal, artistic director