Quatuor Les Dissonances: first recording!

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For its first recording, Les Dissonances Quartet tackle two essential works regarded as masterpieces of the repertoire for string quartet: Janáček ‘Intimate Letters’ and Schubert ‘Death and the Maiden’.


Janacek / Schubert : brothers in suffering

" Schubert and Janáček are brothers, there’s no doubt about it. With them, music gushes forth [...]. Poetry and vitality come first, and the musical language comes afterwards." David Grimal

This CD, published under the label Dissonances records, comes with a luxury edition of a Romantism in literature pot-pourri. The texts, all translated in english, has been selected and commented by Christophe Ghristi, CEO of the Toulouse Opera.

Les Dissonances Quartet

The four musical individualities – David Grimal and Hans Peter Hofmann (violins), David Gaillard (viola) and Xavier Phillips (cello) – brought together by friendship and passion, roaming the paths of the musical world and pursuing their lives as soloists, orchestral players and chamber musicians, met the first time in the music of Leoš Janáček.
They are now willing to go further in the understanding of this repertoire, performing in the spirit of the musicians’ collective Les Dissonances, founded by David Grimal ten years ago: high affinity, dialogue first, guenuine freedom, imaginative approach.



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