Dissonances Chamber Music Series #2

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For this new edition, David Grimal invited 12 talented musicians at Le Volcan, Le Havre National scene !


A few days after being informed of the cancellation of Les Dissonances’ tour planned for January, David Grimal decided, with the complicity of Jean-François Driant, director of Le Volcan – National Scene of Le Havre, to create a chamber music event.

After Dijon in June 2020, this is the second edition of the Dissonances Chamber Music Series, conceived as an innovative festival where musicians of international stature, young musicians and students come together to share the values embodied by the ensemble Les Dissonances for more than fifteen years: artistic excellence, transmission and sharing.

On this occasion, David Grimal chose to invite Marc Coppey, one of the great French cellists and an internationally renowned pedagogue, Victor Julien-Laferrière, a magnificent cellist, Yan Levionnois, an exceptional musician and longtime companion of Les Dissonances; two young virtuoso and profound pianists, Jonas Vitaud and Sélim Mazari; Léa Hennino, Vladimir Percevic and Mathis Rochat, three heroes of the violists’ young generation, as well as the all too rare Solenne Païdassi, great French violinist and Thibaud competition’s laureate. They gave a warm welcome to two students from Saarbrücken – where David Grimal is a professor – Stefan Simonca-Oprita and Maria Marica, already two extremely talented musicians.

To ward off January’s cold and mist, David Grimal has conceived this second edition around the warmth and profound humanity of Brahms’ chamber music masterpieces, echoing those of L. v. BeethovenAnton Bruckner, Gustav Mahler, Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann, Richard Strauss and Arnold Schoenberg.

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