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26 Nov 2017


Peter & the wolf

Paris, Théâtre des Champs-Elysées

Prokofiev, Peter & the wolf

Les Dissonances
Violins: Anna Göckel & David Petrlik
Viola: Léa Hennino
Cello: Yan Levionnois
Double-bass: Antoine Sobczak
Piano: Guillaume Bellom
Percussions: Rodolphe Théry

Ensemble Ouranos 
Clarinet:  Amaury Viduvier
Flute: Mathilde Calderini
Oboe: Philibert Perrine
Bassoon: Rafaël Angster
Horn: Nicolas Ramez

Narrator: Elliot Jenicot

A musical fairy tale and cornerstone of the young persons’ repertoire, Peter and the Wolf brings together a narrator and an orchestra deploying its entire palette of sounds! A key work for adults and children who wish to discover the world of classical music.