18 Mar 2022


Carte blanche to Trio Karénine

Paris, Eglise Saint-Leu-Saint-Gilles

For this concert, Trio Karénine is invited to play.


Mendelssohn, Trio n°2 op. 66 in C minor
     1. Allegro energico e con fuoco
     2. Andante espressivo
     3. Scherzo : Molto allegro, quasi presto
     4. Finale : Allegro appassionato

Brahms, Trio n°3 op. 101 in C minor
     1. Allegro energico
     2. Presto non assai
     3. Andante grazioso
     4. Finale : Allegro molto

In Paris, Les Dissonances organizes a cultural season for the homeless. Atists from all horizons (music, theatre, dance etc.) permorm once a month at the EgliseSaint-Leu-Saint-Gilles. Music lovers, locals from Saint-Denis area, and the homeless are all brought together by the joy of art and music in a program designed to be accessible to all.

Free entrance and participation.

L'Autre Saison is supported by Caisse d'Épargne Île-de-France.


L'Autre Saison des Dissonances au profit des sans-abri
L'Autre Saison des Dissonances au profit des sans-abri